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Our Future Water Event – on the way to Water Security

Water security, i.e. securing the water supply in both quantitative and qualitative terms, is a topic that is fundamental for future generations in these times of climate disasters, climate change, and an ever-increasing human population.

Our Future Water Berlin is an event organized by Our Future Water for people of all ages and backgrounds.

After all, water security is a matter that concerns everyone. The event brings together decision-makers from politics and business as well as researchers from Berlin's most innovative scientific institutions to address water security goals.

Water technology, sustainability, and the resilience of ecosystems are the topics of this scientific event


As a partner institution of Berlin Science Week, Our Future Water Berlin offers an interdisciplinary platform for science, business, and society to dialog about global issues relating to water supply and security.

On November 7, 2018, twenty renowned experts will speak about water security at the InterContinental Hotel Berlin. Topics include:


  • The role of demand management in securing urban water supplies
  • Getting the word out about climate change and water security for multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Social media and marketing communication of water-related issues
  • Development of sustainable/ethical brands and water management
  • New materials for removing microplastics and pharmaceuticals from water


Brain City Ambassador Dr. Anabel Ternès will also talk about the importance of social businesses addressing water scarcity. Robert C. Brears, the founder of Our Future Water, event host and also a speaker on November 7, has this to say about the event: "With leading European and international speakers, the day not only enhances your knowledge but fosters the development of a likeminded community wishing to secure our water."

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